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Hunters! Make It Easy On Yourself

by Donald J. Holt

We are now into the 2014 Hunting Season in Virginia. Make sure you are prepared for easy hunting and comfort in the woods.

For example:

  • Do you have rope to pull your bow up after getting into your tree stand?
  • Do you have screw-in tree steps to hold the extra gear you’ll need for the day?
  • Do you have the right gloves, mask, and attractant scents?
  • If you’re in a tree, be sure to have a safety harness so your family doesn’t have to be hunting you
  • Do you have a serrated saw and trail blazers to easily find your way out of the woods or finding your tree in the dark?
  • And do you have the right ammunition, arrows, and/or bolts to harvest the animal you’re hunting?

Here at New River Sports, we strive to equip our Bow and/or Rifle Hunters with quality equipment and accessories to help make this hunting season an easy one!

Happy Hunting from New River Sports!

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