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Women, Guns, & Carry Conceal Licenses

Women and Carry Conceal Licenses

More and more women of all ages are coming into New River Sports, looking to acquire their first firearm and obtaining their Carry/Conceal License.

Not all of us grew up with the concept of owning a pistol or rifle. In fact, if you are of an older generation, we were taught that those were for men who would ultimately spend their lives protecting us. However, the world did not remain the same place as those born in the early 1900s and before. 

Today, more women are living alone, divorced, or widowed. We are now responsible for our own protection. And can we? You bet!

New River Sports employs women of different generations who are familiar with the concerns of purchasing that first gun. We have also taken the courses required for carry/conceal licensing in Virginia and can help answer your questions about where to find local classes and what to expect.

We welcome you to come down to the store in Draper, Virginia or to give us a call at 540-980-1133 if you have questions about handgun/rifle ownership.


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