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Cajun Injector Marinade Injector

Our Original Cajun Marinade Injector® comes with a specially patented needle with holes to deliver marinade evenly throughout the meat. Injects 1 oz. of marinade. [more]

Smokehouse Fire Starters

Box contains 20 fire lighters, each stick burns approximatley 6 mintues. Lights like a match. Break apart stick and strike on box striker. Perfect for camping, woodstoves, barbecuing and fireplaces. No matches, paper of kindling needed. [more]

Eastman Jerky Cure & Seasonings
$4.19 - $8.29

Seasons jerky. Includes jerky cure and seasoning. [more]

Eastman Sausage Seasonings

Makes 5 lbs. of sausage. Use with beef, chicken, lamb, veal or any wild game. Adjust seasoning to personal taste. [more]

Smokehouse Chips 'n Chunks?

Natural wood chips that are thoroughly dried and precision ground for even, consistent burn. Can be used for with Luhr Jensen Smokers and with charcoal or gas grills. [more]

Smokehouse Hickory Chunks

1-3/4 lb. bags. Thoroughly dried, 100% Natural-no added flavorings. Bitter tree bark removed. Bigger, chunkier pieces. Perfect for grilling & bar-b-queing! [more]

Smokehouse Drip Pan- Little Chief/mini Chief

Square Replacement Drip Pan fits Little Chief and Mini Chief Smokers. Dimensions are 10-3/4" x 10-3/4" and 1/4" deep. Aluminum Construction. Spray your drip pan with non-stick cooking spray to help with cleanup. The drip pan should be cleaned regularly. Simply slip it into a sink of warm soapy… [more]

Smokehouse Grills- Little/mini Chief

This replacement easy-slide grill will fit in the rack of both the Little Chief and Mini Chief models of Electric Smokehouses. The grill is the shelf that actually holds the food during the smoking process. 10.38"x1.5". 5lb capacity per grill. [more]

Coghlans Pack Grill

Sturdy steel construction. Chrome-plated. Folds flat for easy storage or packing. Grill surface: 12 1/2" X 6 1/2". [more]

Eastman Oil Funnel

ABS plastic funnel for draining used oil into storage container. [more]

Smokehouse Bbq Or Smoker Pellets

Thoroughly dried. Bitter Tree bark removed. Precision ground for even, consistent burn. The sweetest, mildest of all. excellent for poultry. [more]

Coghlans Broiler

Handy for hamburgers, hotdogs, chops, fish, or toast. Chrome-plated. Hinged design with locking ring. Overall length 29 1/2". Grill surface 8" X 9" X 1". [more]

Sterno Floding Stove Replaces #50012

The Sterno 70146 Outdoor Folding Camp Stove is ideal for camping, picnics, tailgating and emergencies. The stove is easy to assemble and features a durable, corrosion resistant frame and wind-shield heat panels. Use Sterno green canned heat for best results. The Sterno 70146 Outdoor Folding Stove… [more]

Eastman Monster Injector

Features 12 holes for complete marinade distribution. 2 oz. plastic marinade injector with 6" stainless steel gourmet needle. [more]

Eastman Drying Rack

13.5" x 13.5". Fits standard size oven rack. [more]

Smokehouse Big Chief?
$8.69 - $199.99

50 lb. capacity, 450 watt element, removable rack with 5 grills. [more]

Cajun Injector Deep Fry Thermometer

This thermometer is the best addition to your Cajun Injector collection. 12" long. [more]

Cooks Choice Sittin' Chicken And Turkey

"Beer Can Chicken & Turkey" made easy. Grill or bake using your favorite beverage or marinade. Designed not to tip over and spill. Makes chicken & turkey tender & tasty. Easy clean up, dishwasher safe. Cook the chicken at 275° and cook for about 2 ½ - 3 hours depending on size of chicken. (About 45… [more]

Coghlans Deluxe Broiler

Great for steaks, chops, fish hamburgers or toast when cooking on open fires, fireplace or barbecue. Chrome plated. Hinged design with locking ring. Extension handle. Overall length 26". [more]

CanCooker RACK

The CanCooker Rack is a two-piece, stainless steel rack designed to fit in the bottom of the CanCooker. The CanCooker Rack raises food off the bottom of the CanCooker to help prevent burning and to make clean-up easier. The CanCooker Rackcan also be used for steaming foods. Just place EMPTY soft… [more]

Smokehouse Flavor Pan

Maximum capacity replacement flavor fuel pan for Little Chief, Mini Chief, and Big Chief smokers. Diameter 6-3/4" and 1-1/2" deep with 4-1/2" handle. [more]

Smokehouse Electric Cord
$11.99 - $25.99

3-Prong Electric Cord plugs in to the back of the Smoker. [more]

Stansport Deluxe Cooking Broiler

Chrome plated broiler is ideal for outdoor cooking. Hinged design with locking ring. 13½" X 9" X 1". [more]

Cooks Choice Breader Bowl W/ Blossom Maker

The breader bowl is: non-breakable, easily cleaned, dishwater safe and has an air tight seal. Measures 10 1/4" x 7" x 6 3/4". The onion blossom maker is perfect for slicing onions but it works just as well on apples, oranges, tomatoes, bell peppers and even boiled eggs. Make perfect onion blossoms… [more]

Cajun Injector Batter Bowl

Batter foods without all the mess - good for: Fish - Shrimp - Crawfish - Pork Chops - Potatoes - Vegetables - and More! [more]

Coghlans Camp Grill

Heavy-duty steel construction. Nickel-plated, compact folding design. Grill surface: 24" X 12". [more]

OLISO Pantry Bags

Pantry Storage Bags are perfect for dry goods storage and shelf organization. A great solution for keeping coffee, cereal, spices, dry pasta and grains fresh. [more]

Coghlans Cast Iron Camp Cooker

Toasts sandwiches. Grills meat. Heavy cast iron. Seals in flavor. Easy to clean. Overall length 27". [more]

Coghlans Camp Cooker

A fun, entertaining way to prepare sandwiches and snacks at camp or at home. Toasts sandwiches and grills meat. Made of heavy cast aluminum. Seals in flavor. Convenient two-part hinge. Easy to clean. Non-stick finish. Overall length: 26". [more]

Cooks Choice Better Breader

Put breading inside, then the meat/fish/vegetables on the sifter. Close lid, shake upside down, shake right side up. The breading is in the bottom with your food on the sifter perfectly coated. Dishwasher safe and can be stored in refrigerator. [more]

97 Results
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