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Traditions 1" Aluminum Scope Rings
$6.89 - $24.99

Quick and easy mounting of a scope to your gun. Oversized locking screw allows you to secure the ring to the base easily. Blister carded. [more]

Tasco .22/airguns "quick Peep" Rings

These unique 1" rings feature a "Quick Peep" sight window for viewing iron sights on rimfire rifles and quality air guns. Matte black aluminum. Clam packed. [more]

Tasco .22/airguns Rings

These quality 1" rings are precisely engineered to fit the standard groove on most rimfire rifles and quality air guns. Matte black aluminum. Clam packed. [more]

Tasco High Centerfire Rings

Special "high" 1" rings feature enough height to provide clearance for scopes with extra-large objective lens. [more]

Kwik-Site Mounts

KS-WEV - Fits any Kwik-Site base as well as Weaver®, Tasco® and universal bases. KS-WEV-H - Fits any scope larger than 32mm objective lens. [more]

B-Square Sport Utility Standard 1" Dovetail Rings
$10.49 - $14.99

These aluminum rings from B-Square are designed to fit the 3/8" mounting rail found on many 22 rimfire rifles and most airguns. This series offers maximum scope retention with nearly double the surface area as other standard rings. [more]

Redfield Scope Rings
$10.49 - $19.49

Lightweight and easy to mount, Redfield rings combine strength and durability in a new aluminum mounting option. Easily mount and detach these rings to any Weaver cross lock base. Also available in tip off models. Features and Benefits; Lightweight aluminum. Quickly detaches.Fit Weaver cross lock… [more]

Simmons Rings
$10.49 - $13.49

Lightweight aluminum rings. Tough & economical. [more]

Leupold Rifleman Aluminum Rings & Bases
$17.49 - $24.99

These mounts are extremely affordable and exceptionally well-made. Precision machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, Leupold Rifleman aluminum mounts provide the strength and recoil resistance you expect from a Leupold mount, without adding excess weight to the rifle. [more]

Weaver Quad Lock?
$18.99 - $22.99

Two straps and four screws provide added gripping power for these lightweight, all-aluminum rings. Thumbscrews for quick detach. [more]

Kwik-Site Kwik-mount® See-thru For Kwik-site Or Weaver®
$20.99 - $33.99

1" for "W" Rings, Blue Matte [more]

Weaver Tip-off®

They're made for .22s that have factory dovetailed grooves in the rifle's receiver. They clamp to the receiver and tighten with a coin. [more]

Durasight Z2 Alloy Vertical Split Scope Rings

Beautiful and durable matte black and silver finishes are achieved through state-of-the-art, industrial quality powder coating. All screws are Grade 8 Torx®, ensuring secure scope retention and a Torx wrench is included. [more]

$26.99 - $28.99

Make sure your optic is securely and perfectly mounted with the Nikon A-Series Scope Rings. These rings are made of durable aluminum alloy with a black matte finish, meaning they will last the life of your rifle. They are securely mounted to your rifle as they are clamped together locking in your… [more]

Weaver Grandslam?
$26.99 - $42.99

Features quick detach, All steel for maximum strength, Square cross bolt fits tightly and securely in Weaver detachable base, Torx screws for secure fit- no strip & no slip. [more]

Kwik-Site See-thru Mounts
$28.99 - $33.99

Model numbers ending in 'H' are for scopes with larger than 32mm diameter objective lens. [more]

Burris Steel 22 Rings

1" deluxe steel. [more]

Weaver 1" Detachable Top Mount Rings
$35.99 - $54.99

To remove a Weaver® Detachable Top Mount Ring, just loosen two thumb nuts and it's off. Remounting is just tighten each thumb nut. [more]

Weaver Sure Grip Rings

Your rings are sure to handle just about any recoil you can throw at them. With its four-screw system and steel cap, Weave Sure Grip Windage Adjustable Scope Rings offer you unsurpassed dependability. Once you mount a pair of Sure Grip Windage Adjustable Rings to your Weaver cross lock top mount… [more]

Weaver Detachable See-thru Mount Rings
$36.99 - $41.99

Scope or sights? With Weaver® Detachable See-Thru Mount Rings, you choose. They attach to any Top Mount Ring Base with square-cut crossbolt slots. [more]

Weaver Sure Grip Windage Adjustable

These quick detach rings are the Original Weaver-style. The four-screw system and steel cap offer shot-of-a-lifetime dependability. Windage adjustable models ensure that zeroing in your scope to critical accuracy is certain. [more]

Leupold Dual Dovetail?
$39.99 - $59.99

Provides a classic low-profile mount for scopes. Importantly, this ultra-secure system does not rely on windage screws on the rear base. So sighting-in is simple and fast. [more]

Leupold Standard Rings
$39.99 - $59.99

Rings will fit STD? 1 and 2-piece bases. 4" ring spacing will accommodate all Leupold® scopes. [more]

Weaver Tactical Rings

In the tactical world, performance is mandatory there is no compromise. Whether it's intense training or real-life action, you need your zero to stay true. These aircraft grade aluminum tactical rings feature six points of contact for maximum security and are designed to withstand the most grueling… [more]

Leupold Quick Release Mount System
$41.99 - $84.99

Super-close machining tolerances are at the heart of this patented lever mechanism. By turning the lever forward, an eccentric on the lever shaft engages the base of the ring. This pulls the ring down and forward on the base, locking it solidly into its "zero" position. Scope returns to within half… [more]

Weaver Detachable Top Mount Rings
$41.99 - $45.99

To improve eye relief, try our Detachable Top Mount Rings. They position the scope 3/4" farther forward or backward. They're ideal for large objective European scopes or mounting scopes on guns with stocks shortened for smaller shooters. [more]

Burris Signature Zee Rings

Weaver-style 1" rings. [more]

Weaver Detachable Side Mount Scope Rings And Bases
$45.99 - $54.99

Side mount brackets detach and attach in seconds, just like our detachable top mounts (the bases themselves do not). Side mount brackets are available in a "high profile" in a standard or long length to accept a variety of scopes. [more]

Leupold Standard Extension Ring Sets

A reversible extended front ring and a regular rear ring, available in low and medium heights. [more]

Ruger Scope Rings
$54.99 - $109.99

All rings are designed to accommodate 1" scope tubes. [more]

56 Results
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