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Rainbow R414-PN Pot-O-Gold Spoon, 1

Pot-O-Gold Spoon, 1 3/4", 1/4 oz, Plain Nickel [more]

Johnson Splinter Spoon
$2.79 - $5.19

Johnson Splinter Spoons offer a rhythmic darting action on retrieve due to its asymmetric flat profile. Jig the spoon vertically allowing it to flutter back down through the strikezone. These spoons come equipped with a black nickel hook and swivel. [more]

Nungesser Spoons
$2.79 - $4.09

Trolling, casting or spinning. Lifetime jewelry finish will not tarnish. Solid welded ring. Replaceable hook. [more]

Thomas Colorado
$3.19 - $3.49

A wobbler-type spoon, is a bait fish imitator par excellence. Its engraved half-scale pattern and two-tone coloration create a highly reflective flash that attracts all types of game fish, especially trout, and triggers them to strike. [more]

Thomas Little Tiger & Rough Riders
$3.19 - $3.39

A stop-and-go retrieve works best with these lures. Watch when the lure makes a "swing" coming crosscurrent and upstream, as this is when many strikes occur. [more]

Thomas Eel

The special shape and bend of the little lure combined with double "eyes" creates an attraction that entices fish to strike. [more]

Johnson Thinfisher
$3.39 - $4.19

Blade baits are really catching on because they're really catching fish, and the innovative ThinFisher? takes these baits to the next level. It has a built-in sonic rattle that attracts all predator species. Change the lure's action by hooking the included snap into three dorsal holes so you can… [more]

Thomas Buoyant
$3.59 - $4.59

An erratic action wobbler with a unique shape and bend that creates an irregular wobbling and darting motion. [more]

Acme Phoebe®
$3.69 - $4.39

Phoebe® is one of the finest metal spinning lures ever made. The unique hydrodynamic curvature creates a three-dimensional illusion. Fished fast, slow, deep, or shallow - this lure looks like a fat, full-bodied baitfish. [more]

Acme Side-Winder® Spoon
$3.69 - $6.29

Deadly if fished deep or near the surface - in salt or freshwater. It has a wobbling, fluttering action plus a unique side-slipping motion that game fish can't resist. [more]

Berrys Flex-it Spoon®
$3.69 - $4.09

A highly reflective surface and patented flexible spoon design give these lures a deadly fluttering action when jigged, trolled or cast. [more]

Worth Chippewa Spoon
$3.69 - $16.74

Permagloss process finish - resists chipping or peeling. Precision-stamped for correct balance and heavily plated to prevent rust. Tempered steel split ring. [more]

Yakima Bait 3940-MPAR Triple Teazer

One of the most productive casting and trolling lures of all times, the original Triple Teazer can be used to catch all kinds of gamefish. The thinner trolling sizes have just the right action to make fish strike. The heavier spin sizes can be easily cast and retrieved creating the same productive… [more]

Cordell C.c. Spoon®
$3.79 - $5.09

With a fluttering and searching descent, the lure resembles a dying shad - one that is easily captured and consumed. [more]

Rainbow Pot-o-gold Flash Spoons
$3.79 - $4.19

The Pot-O-Gold Flash lure is a weedless, single hook gold spoon that lets you cast to where the fish are. The natural swimming action is a proven fish catcher. [more]

Berrys Glitter Spoon
$4.09 - $4.39

Bendable, flexible spoon. [more]

Berrys Threadfin Spoon
$4.09 - $4.39

Bendable, flexible spoon. Hollow form. [more]

Mepps Little Wolf
$4.09 - $5.09

Mepps Little Wolf is a rugged, solid brass spoon that will not rust or tarnish like many other ordinary spoons. Its genuine silver-plating produces one bright wht flash after another as it is pulled through the water, and its reverse-curve design features ten distinct highly-reflective surfaces… [more]

Eagle Claw Dooms Day Spoon

Varied Sizes included in each assortment. [more]

Acme Kastmaster Spoon
$4.29 - $5.49

Kastmaster's balance produces wild action without line twist. Because of its aerodynamic design, it's the master distance caster, and catches fish in fresh or salt water. Machined from solid brass, it won't break, bend or corrode and retains its luster even after repeated exposure to salt water. [more]

Johnson Silver Minnow
$4.49 - $6.19

A tackle box standard, this Johnson Lures classic spoon is weedless and can be cast, trolled, jigged or twitched on the bottom. [more]

$4.49 - $11.49

Stamped and formed from solid brass, buffed, then plated with corrosion-resistant chrome to a jeweler's standard. Narrow design gives erratic swimming motion whether trolling, casting or jigging. Available with chrome finish or with Prism-Lite® adhesive panels. [more]

Acme SW105T/CHGLR Kastmaster Glow

Acme SW105T/CHGLR Kastmaster Spoon, 1 3/8", 1/8 oz, Chrome & Glow Red with Flash Tape, Size 10 Hook, Hardbait Spoon Body, Plain Treble Hook, Single Hook [more]

Acme SW105T/CHGLW Kastmaster Glow

Acme SW105T/CHGLW Kastmaster Spoon, 1 3/8", 1/8 oz, Chrome & Glow with Flash Tape, Size 10 Hook, Hardbait Spoon Body, Plain Treble Hook, Single Hook [more]

Acme SW105T/GGLR Kastmaster Glow

Acme SW105T/GGLR Kastmaster Spoon, 1 3/8", 1/8 oz, Gold & Glow Red with Flash Tape, Size 10 Hook, Hardbait Spoon Body, Plain Treble Hook, Single Hook [more]

Acme SW105T/GGLW Kastmaster Glow

Acme SW105T/GGLW Kastmaster Spoon, 1 3/8", 1/8 oz, Gold & Glow with Flash Tape, Size 10 Hook, Hardbait Spoon Body, Plain Treble Hook, Single Hook [more]

Mepps Syclops?
$4.59 - $7.19

It casts easily and can be trolled at almost any speed. Sandwich two back to front and you've got a brute of a lure that weighs a full 2 ounces. Can also be vertically jigged making it ideal for ice fishing. [more]

Thomas Speedy Shiner

Constructed of quality solid brass and has stainless steel rings and extra-strong Mustad® hooks. The light-reflecting embossed scale surface creates an enticing flash that attracts fish and triggers them to strike. [more]

Eppinger Dardevles®
$4.69 - $6.89

Skeeters, Lil' Devles®, Midgets, and Spinnies are all casting lures. [more]

$4.69 - $6.89

The simple, but effective, U-shape design of the Super Duper creates an incredible wobbling action that draws strikes from trout in a variety of water conditions. The unique shape also makes it extremely castable. Corrosion-resistant finishes ensure these lures will maintain their rightful place in… [more]

143 Results
Per Page 30 60
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